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Higher Skills offers a high-grade data labeling service for machine learning and AI companies providing AI and ML-related services. We provide data labeling and high-quality image annotation with a higher level of accuracy.

Annotation Services

Text annotation

Text annotation

Text datasets can be used for all sorts of solutions. From chatbots to virtual assistants to semantic search, our Crowd is ready to annotate your text data to fit your requirements.

Image annotation

Image annotation

Computer Vision is an important sector of the AI industry. One of the building blocks for advanced CV solutions is accurate image annotation. Our resource platform has all the annotation tools your project will need to take your models to the next level.

Audio Annotation

Audio annotation

With resources across the globe and fluency in 120+ languages, our Crowd can handle any audio annotation project. With transcription tools built into our platform, we have what you need to get the audio data your solutions deserve.

Data Annotation-Video Annotation

Video annotation

Frame-by-Frame Object Detection & Tracking, Video Classification, Event-Based Timestamp Labeling, Live Video Stream Monitoring, Video Moderation.

Why Higher Skills?

Our team of expert data labelers is highly skilled and experienced in various data labeling tasks. They have undergone rigorous training in data labeling techniques and are familiar with industry standards and best practices. This ensures that our clients receive accurately labeled data that meets their unique requirements.


Each Annotation are checked by QA at the tag level, then at the dataset level. We assure you of 99% accuracy.

Work force

Our team of 100 plus talented workers with years of experience ensure your image annotation projects are efficiently implemented at scale.

Data security

The security and privacy of our client’s data is our prime concern while offering such services.
Manual testing
We test our work manually, for better aacuracy.

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